Too easy getting Cisco Certified ?

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Oct 22nd, 2008


I've just passed yesterday BGP+MPLS combined test so I got 50% of my CCIP certification. Still BSCI and QOS to go.

I took both courses from Cisco learning partners then I was learning plus practising with Dynamips net simulator for many weeks so obviously I knew quite good the BGP and MPLS stuff which I need for my everyday job.

As part of exam preparation I checked some of this "sample tests" available on the net, no need to mention names, we all know them.

The exam was an excerpt question by question of one of this "test samples" that anybody can get on the net. Every question was identical word by word and bit by bit to the sample test.

Anybody estuding this collection of questions for 1 or 2 days could pass the same exam that I passed only after many weeks of study and net simulations.

This is very disappointing for the people who spend so much time and effort honestly studying for the test. It will not benefit network professionals nor Cisco if anybody can get these certifications. Sooner or later they will loose their recognition from the industry.

I concentrate now to finish my CCIP. I will again spend as much time as needed to learn the materials because I need the tech skills (not the certification) in my everyday job as a network engineer.

Up to you to choose your way.

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Jon Marshall Wed, 10/22/2008 - 08:33


Congratulations on passing and hope the rest of CCIP goes as well for you.

There are numerous threads on the subject of "test samples" as you put it and everyone has their own opinion on it. My view is simple, you either know what you are doing or you don't. If you know what you are doing you will find employment if you don't then there is a good chance you won't. And if a company does employ a paper cert person then more fool them because they should be able to weed these sort of people out at the interview stage.

I agree it devalues the certification but if you treat the certification as a way of learning how to do your job the best you can then it's value to you should not be underestimated.


shillyar Wed, 10/22/2008 - 10:48

Anthony nailed it on the head, there are plenty of any vendor tests out there to practice but I can guarantee if we interview you and it says you have X certification you cant fake it as there always a long technical interview with multiple people

That enjoy fishing :)

Good luck and dont get discouraged.

Sushil Kumar Katre Fri, 10/24/2008 - 01:55

Hi Jose,

First of all many congratulations to you on clearing the certification that too in a fair way.

I would like to quote an example here and reiterate what others have stated.

I know a person who cleared the CCNA certification. Once in the lab he had to setup back to back serial connectivity between two routers. I guess a CCNA certified person should be able to do this easily.

Now this guy connected the console on the router, now he had to configure the router. After working on console for about 15 minutes this guy says both the routers are faulty and not booting up. These are the same routers which I used for my labs. Now when I reach there what I found that the power cables were not connected.

So you must be thinking that he really had a bad day and forgot to connect the power cable. But that's not the fact. This guy didn't even knew that you need to supply external power to the router for it to boot. He just turned the switch to ON position of the router and was expecting to boot on its own since never in his life he touched the router.

Moral of the story - people can definitely call themselves certified engineers but as soon as they are thrown in to interviews they'll be caught and will be thrown out of the interview.

Certification can just help you getting the initial call from the companies but ultimately its your knowledge which will get you into the company.

I know one guy who is not even CCNA certified and has survived in the industry for more than 10 years and pretty good in what he does.

Doesn't really matter if you have certification on not you need to have knowledge in order to survive in this competitive industry.

So be consident and never get bogged down.

All the best for the rest of your certifications and your career.

-> Sushil

lffrwatson Tue, 10/28/2008 - 05:57

I agree too many people are falling victim to the easy way out and brain dump the cisco tests. That's why I encourage people to go for the full CCIE good luck trying to brain dump on the CCIE lab. I knew a guy that got his MCSE and never really touched a data center or server farm. He was rejected for jobs every time. I have my CCVP and I held back on telling companies about it until I became more comfortable with CCM.


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