Caller ID is showing as “unknown number” when we forward the desk phone

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Oct 22nd, 2008
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Our vendor setup our UCCM to be able to do redial by adding special characters ** following the phone number since in our city we do not dial the area code for local calls. So in our phone we will see **xxxyyyzzzz and when we press redial, it will dial 9yyyzzzz.

It is working well for us until we find out that when we forward our desk phone to any external number, it will show **xxxyyyzzzz instead of our normal phone number xxxyyyzzzz in the receiver phone.

Since some phone system does not know what to do with ** so the receiver phones will show as “unknown number”.

It is only happening when we forward the phone. It is showing the regular phone number (without **) when we are making a regular phone call.

I know that I may not get a detail help but I want to know if I should look for the problem in the CallManager or the Gateway?

Or if anyone know what can I do to solve this issue

Thank you

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