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Oct 23rd, 2008
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CUPC Newbee. On the "Recent" tab of CUPC, is it possible to setup dialing rules so when you double-click an external number it will prefix with the proper 9 or 91 in front of the number? I tried it with Application DIal Rules in CM but it didn't work. Is that only for Outlook CLick to Dial?

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DOUG DAVIDSON Sat, 10/25/2008 - 12:30
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No it is not only for Outlook click to dial. I have the application dial rules setup to check the number of digits and prepend either a 9 or a 91 to the number.

It works great, however, I have had to educate my users that for long distance calls in the home area code they have to include the 1 on the number when dialing from Outlook. Without the leading 1 in the outlook contacts it treats it as a local call and removes the area code.

j.mccartney Wed, 11/12/2008 - 10:26
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I'm relatively a newbie to UPC and I wanted to know if you know of any settings I need to set to allow LD dialing from UPC. When users try it, they get "Out of Service" in the UPC window. What I really want to do is allow users to dial LD via UPC and prompt for an access code.

Is that possible and if so how?

TIA - John

j.mccartney Fri, 12/12/2008 - 09:03
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Thanks for the link. I figured it out just forgot to respond here -in the UPC client its waiting for input for an auth code, once you enter it on the dialpad it completes the call.



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