877 Router Wireless Clients cannot communicate

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hi all,

877-w running IOS 12.4(22)T (latest)

I just noticed that any wireless clients cannot PING each other. I've never noticed this behavior before since all important infrastructure is wired.

IP address is on BVI1 and is PINGable by all wireless, as are any wired connections bridged through BVI1/VLAN1

No firewalls on clients etc, they are all reachable from wired clients (wireless IP cameras and laptops)

Any ideas?


p.s ARP -a <ip address of wClient> does not work from other Wclient.

Router IP -

WclientA =

WclientB =

WclientC =

ABC cannot ping each other, but no problem PINGing router or any wired IP on same subnet!

I have this problem too.
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John Blakley Fri, 10/31/2008 - 06:46

I may be wrong, but my first thought is this line:

ip dhcp pool Laptop

==> host

client-identifier 0100.0e35.ae7c.cc



dns-server ******

Are you assigning this ae7c mac-address this address? What address are the other wireless devices at?



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