ACE - backup-rserver issue (Cannot assign backup rservers in cyclic order)?

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Nov 2nd, 2008

Hi to all,

I have two rservers (in this case they are firewalls) and they have to replicate active sessions to each other in case one of them is gone. But I am not able to configure both as a backup-rserver for each other. It says "Cannot assign backup rservers in cyclic order". Only one backup-rserver can be configured at the same time. I don't know why but there must be a way to do this.

serverfarm host FW_OUTSIDE_FARM

failaction reassign

rserver FW1

backup-rserver FW0


rserver FW0

backup-rserver FW1 ### can't be done ###

### It says "Error: Cannot assign backup rservers in cyclic order" ###


In this configuration only one way fail over scenario works. In case that we shutdown the FW1 during the traffic passing through the FW1, Active sessions can be transferred to FW0 successfully. But vice versa, cause of the I haven't reassigned backup-rserver for the FW0, active sessions are not able to be transferred to FW0 back.

Waiting for your suggestions. Thanks in advance.

Note: Topology and configs are attached.

I have this problem too.
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benoitchampy Mon, 11/03/2008 - 08:38


I experiment the same behaviour.

I have a sfarm with four firewalls configured, all inservice (no standby).

2nd backup of 1st, 3rd backup of 2nd, 4th backup of 3rd, 1st backup of 4th

The 'cycle' was permitted in release A1(6.2) but not anymore in A2(1.2).

I previously used CSMs and it was also permitted.

my config in A1:

serverfarm host F-DC0INN01


failaction purge

predictor leastconns

probe FWINS2S1P100-07

rserver 1TFWIN1S2S1P100

backup-rserver 1TFWIN2S2S1P100


rserver 1TFWIN2S2S1P100

backup-rserver 2TFWIN1S2S1P100


rserver 2TFWIN1S2S1P100

backup-rserver 2TFWIN2S2S1P100


rserver 2TFWIN2S2S1P100

backup-rserver 1TFWIN1S2S1P100


the backup-rserver for the 4th real was removed without notice during the upgrade.

I tried with 2 servers, same results as you.

I also tried to make 3rd backup of 1St, 4th backup of 2nd, 2nd backup of 3rd.

Or to use a firewall as a backup for two others.

same result

So I think we must now 'dedicate' a firewall as backup.

I'll do additionnal tests and keep you posted if I find something.





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