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Nov 2nd, 2008

Dear sir ,

I am using CCME , i have configure internalional and national dialing and i can easily dial international calls by my ip phones .i have configure a login option when user login in phone he or she able to dial inernational calls but without login he/she can only dial national/local calls. i am facing a probem with my FAx machine which is connected to ATA device . with Fax machine i can send fax nationally/locally but cannot send fax internationally. and i didnt found any option in fax for login as we have in ip phones. please let me help what i am doing wrong.

some of the configuration are below i have try with removing pin command in ephone 68 but same problem.


url directories

url services

url authentication


login timeout 120 clear 19:00

after-hours block pattern 1 900

after-hours day Sun 00:00 23:59

after-hours day Mon 00:00 23:59

after-hours day Tue 00:00 23:59

after-hours day Wed 00:00 23:59

after-hours day Thu 00:00 23:59

after-hours day Fri 00:00 23:59

after-hours day Sat 00:00 23:59

ephone-dn 3 dual-line

number 2602

label business analyzer

name Ghada Konsowa

call-forward busy 4000

call-forward noan 4000 timeout 10

corlist incoming AllowedInternational

ephone-dn 68 dual-line

number 2667

label Fax1

call-forward busy 4000

call-forward noan 4000 timeout 40

corlist incoming AllowedInternational

ephone 3

no phone-ui speeddial-fastdial

no multicast-moh

mac-address 001F.9E26.CC61

username "KONSOWAG" password 12345

type 7975

button 1:3

ephone 68

no phone-ui speeddial-fastdial

no multicast-moh

mac-address 001F.9EAC.A6F3

max-calls-per-button 2

username "Fax " password 12345

type ata

button 1:68

pin 12345

i can easily international call by ip phones after login.

I have this problem too.
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