Jon Marshall Mon, 11/03/2008 - 05:09

Yes you have a routing loop. Have a look on device for a route to

Could you post output of "sh ip route" from this device.


Giuseppe Larosa Mon, 11/03/2008 - 05:10

Hello Gandhi,

this is a routing loop:

1 7 ms 1 ms 1 ms

2 * <1 ms *

these two routers think the other one is to be used to reach the three destinations.

So the packet is sent back and forth between them.

Using the network topology you can understand which of the two routers is in direction to reach nets and (I assume a /24 mask but it is not important here).

Verify if the remote site can reach the remote LAN segments and if it has lost the connected it is sending back the packets using a default route.

May be a LAN switch has been powered off or a trunk link is not working properly

Hope to help



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