Multiple IP's on a single device

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I am trying to tidy up a customers inventory within LMS 2.6. I have discovered a number of devices such as routers that have multiple IPs configured. Ciscoworks seems to discover these addresses and then presents me with a device for each IP address. Example being a router with fa0 configured with an IP address and InterfaceATM 0 configured with another IP address. When i check device credentials all is OK for the ATM interface but I receive SNMP errors for the fa0 interface even though I have used the same credentials due to it being on the same box.

This seems to be an untidy approach. Is Ciscoworks not intelligent enough to know that the IPs are from the same box. The inventory is very messy due to this issue with multiple IP addresses from a single device and requires a good tidy up.

Any help would be appreciated as the customer is breathing down my neck.


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Well LMS 2.6 was a no-cost update to LMS 2.2 because it was so horrid. Cisco bit the bullet and provided what was a re-write of the management platform fabric free of charge to those under maintenance for 2.X. 3.X is a continuation of that rewrite but since developers like to eat regularly they charge for this update. 2.x had a very limited licensing model small or anything you can toss into it. 3.x is more granular with different price points for the number of devices you need to support.


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