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DSPs provide four major functions in a voice gateway:

- Voice termination: is the process of digitizing and packetizing the audio stream on a TDM interface. A DSP is required to convert the traditional audio stream to VoIP.

- Trancoding: is the process of matching two disparate VoIP streams. This is required when the codecs or sampling rate of two VoIP streams do not match.

- Conferencing: The DSPs in a voice gateway cna be registered to a CallManager to provide hardware based conferencing.

- Media termination point (MTP): You insert MTP's into a call to provide supplementary services if H323v2 is not supported end to end. Supplementary services include hold, converence, or other signaling instructions that are invoked during the call.


Here is the DSP calculator:


Cisco voice gatewasy use various DSP models with different capabilities. Some GW and Network Moduls (NM) use modular DSPs, or Packet Voice DSP Modules (PVDM).

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