Unable to Auto Print CRS Historical Reports

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Nov 5th, 2008
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I have a user that is unable to schedule reports and have them auto print from CRS.

This appears to be local to their machine and I haven't been able to track down the cause as of yet.

When I login to CRS using their username and PW from my laptop, I am able to schedule and print to the same HP LJ 9050 with no issues. Both of us are admins on our respective machines. CiscoHistRprtUser is also listed as an admin on both machine.

Here is the CiscoSCH.logs:

Their Machine:

70 INFORMATIONAL Nov 05 2008|10:00:43 Authenticate [email protected] user on Application Server

71 ERROR Nov 05 2008|10:00:44 user: validation at CRS Server (null) failed,Response returned is emtpy

72 ERROR Nov 05 2008|10:00:44 Authentication of user failed on server

73 ERROR Nov 05 2008|10:00:44 AuthenticateScheduleUser: failed for the [email protected] [email protected]

74 ERROR Nov 05 2008|10:00:44 Scheduler ICD_Agent_Detail_Table_en_US failed, during authentication of user [email protected]

My machine:

50 INFORMATIONAL Nov 05 2008|09:00:25 User [email protected] authenticated on Server

51 WARNING Nov 05 2008|09:00:25 schedule cluster info received as before.

52 INFORMATIONAL Nov 05 2008|09:00:27 Thread JobInvokerThread4_11\05\2008,09:00:21 - succesffully created ReportExport object

53 INFORMATIONAL Nov 05 2008|09:00:27 CurrentSchedules "ICD_Agent_Call_Summary_Table_en_US11052008:08:41" DAILY job is started on 11/05/2008 09:00:27

54 INFORMATIONAL Nov 05 2008|09:00:55 Current Scheduled ICD_Agent_Call_Summary_Table_en_US11052008:08:41 job is completed on 11_05_2008,09:00:55

55 INFORMATIONAL Nov 05 2008|09:00:55 CalculateDailyNextRunTime, Daily,Job= ICD_Agent_Call_Summary_Table_en_US11\05\2008,08:41:19, Current NextRunTime = 11\05\2008,09:00:00

56 INFORMATIONAL Nov 05 2008|09:00:55 JobInvokerThread4_11\05\2008,09:00:21,CDNRT,Job = ICD_Agent_Call_Summary_Table_en_US11\05\2008,08:41:19,Daily, complete ,NextRunTime = 11\06\2008,09:00:00

57 INFORMATIONAL Nov 05 2008|09:00:55 JobInvokerThread4_11\05\2008,09:00:21 thread: ICD_Agent_Call_Summary_Table_en_US11\05\2008,08:41:19 Job Next Runtime updation

Running: IPCC CCX Premium 5.0(2)SR01_Build053

Historical Reports: 5.0 (2.4)


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irisrios Tue, 11/11/2008 - 15:31
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Check whether Adobe Reader is installed on the machine.

Check any firewall or security software present on the box which prevents the printing job.

Customer stated that scheduler printer is happening on one box.

Please find the difference between these 2 boxes like presence of any security settings or software, user privileges etc (Note: Windows Login must have admin privileges)

Please increase log level=5 at hrcConfig.ini(C:\Program files\Cisco CRS Historical Reports) and SCH.ini (C:\Program files\Cisco CRS Historical Reports\Scheduler). Then schedule a report to printer and collect logs.

Make default printer as 'PDF Writer' or ' Microsoft Document Image writer'. Then schedule for printing. Check whether printing happen successfully.


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