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Nov 6th, 2008

Now your access to NetPro and other popular searches is just a keystroke away regardless of where you are on the internet. Bring these resources closer to where you need them, right in your browser. Click on the link below to see how easy it is to add these plugins to your Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2/Firefox 3 browser.

What do you think about this concept? Is it useful? Are there areas on where you would like to see it? Do you think the idea should evolve into something different? Discuss and vote on this feature now.


Dan Bruhn

NetPro Community Manager

I have this problem too.
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scottmac Sun, 11/09/2008 - 10:58


I like the idea, but some/many/most(?) IT departments lock down their browsers and computer equipment with policies that would prohibit it.

Get the IOS programming staff busy to make it a checkbox on the config GUIs to permit it (for small departments) and some "copy & paste" configs for larger command line using departments. Maybe toss in some GPOs for Microsoft networks ...

Thanks Dan, keep up the outstanding work!


Peterson Walker Tue, 11/11/2008 - 21:12

Hi Scott,

Thank you for the excellent feedback re browsers being locked down.

Can you expound a bit on the second point?

The searchplugins are nothing fancy - just http port 80 requests to the tools and searches.



scottmac Tue, 11/11/2008 - 21:40

What I meant (and after I re-read it, it took me a while to remember .....sorry) was for things like the SDM or PDM GUIs (or other configuration tools for Cisco security devices or configurations) provide a checkbox or radio button so that, in order to permit the Cisco browser enhancements, all one has to do to permit them is check the box or radio button.

Sometimes the only reason things are "not permitted" is because of the perceived configuration hassle, or the chance that it's not configured properly and may be a security risk.

Having an "Permit the Cisco {blah blah blah} Browser Feature feature? Y() N()" option may remove some of that anxiety (or make it easy enough for lazy admins) that it would promote the use of those features.

If the Marketing Department is having a good day and comes up with a spiffy enough name, people might even come looking for 'em ...

Hope that makes what I meant a little clearer.

Thanks to y'all for a great site!


JORGE RODRIGUEZ Wed, 11/12/2008 - 22:26

Dan, the concept is indeed great , I would consider to also include in those plug ins Configure and troubleshoot hyperlinks one usually find under Support in cisco main page.. which seems to me very visited hyperlinks., I would think for example new users who are new to Cisco products would want to have these types of plugins in one click away .

my 2 cents




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