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Nov 6th, 2008

Hi, I having a issue and I would like someone give any idea to solve it..

I have a gatekeeper and 25 voice gateways…, the voice gateways are connected to tradicional pbxs. This solution has several years in operation.

Today I want add a cisco call manager 6 to one of the sites. The ip phones must use the extensions that currently are used by 25 traditional Siemens phones. Those extensions are in the 513XX range. The pbx will remains because it is handling about 800 traditional phones in other extension ranges.

I want use a gatekeeper controlled trunk between the new callmanager 6 and the gatekeeper but after add the trunk in the ccm with a similar technology prefix (513 for this case) I start to experience problems whith the Siemens and cisco phones in that range.

What can I do to solve this issue?

Gatekeeper config :



zone local EcoEcaGk

zone prefix EcoEcaGk 1....

zone prefix EcoEcaGk 2....

zone prefix EcoEcaGk 3....

zone prefix EcoEcaGk 4....

zone prefix EcoEcaGk 500..


<text removed ….>


zone prefix EcoEcaGk 513..

zone prefix EcoEcaGk 514..

zone prefix EcoEcaGk 515..

I have this problem too.
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gogasca Thu, 11/06/2008 - 17:47

You can try alias static in GK and send the call to CUCM H323 Trunk (GW)

iptuser55 Fri, 11/07/2008 - 00:55

I guess the siemens system is TDM and the GW connecting it to the exsting GK is H323 converting to Q sig? You could either register the Siemens GW to the CCM and then set up a XXXX route pattern in CCM so calls from other systems to 513.... will go to the CCM first and then if there is no match for the DN make use of the XXXX pattern to the Siemens GW? Outbound calls from Siemens go via CCM

Or break out further the prfix`s in the GK so show the 25+ dn`S - More work though


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