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I need to order a PVDM II 32 for my 2821.

My question is can my current hardware support the dsp if so where would I put the new pvdm II in my current hardware?

dfwdls-2821-01#sh inventory

NAME: "2821 chassis", DESCR: "2821 chassis"

PID: CISCO2821 , VID: V04, SN:

NAME: "One port T1 voice interface daughtercard on Slot 0 SubSlot 0", DESCR: "On

e port T1 voice interface daughtercard"

PID: VWIC-1MFT-T1= , VID: 1.0, SN:

NAME: "VWIC2-1MFT-T1/E1 - 1-Port RJ-48 Multiflex Trunk - T1/E1 on Slot 0 SubSlot

2", DESCR: "VWIC2-1MFT-T1/E1 - 1-Port RJ-48 Multiflex Trunk - T1/E1"

PID: VWIC2-1MFT-T1/E1 , VID: V01 , SN:

NAME: "PVDMII DSP SIMM with Two DSPs on Slot 0 SubSlot 4", DESCR: "PVDMII DSP SI

MM with Two DSPs"

PID: PVDM2-32 , VID: NA , SN:

I have this problem too.
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allan.thomas Fri, 11/07/2008 - 15:38

The ISR 2821 does have three PVDM slots, therefore it is possible to add a 3rd PVDM2-32 if required.

However carefully plan your DSP resources, especially if you are looking at transcoding and conferencing in mixed moded (G711 and G729) including your voice-channel for any FXO, FXS are Digital PRI.




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