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Nov 10th, 2008

How long do you think the 3550 will be a part of the CCIE LAB ?

Do you think it still makes sense to purchase it for LAB prep ?

I would hate to spend the money on them to find out 2 months later that they will be removed from the lab...



I have this problem too.
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jrensink78 Mon, 11/10/2008 - 10:09

I'm guessing that it's getting towards its end of life in terms of the CCIE lab. But until we hear that it will officially be getting the axe, I would count on seeing it. Not sure if the equipment changes have the same 4-6 month time between the announcement and implementation that the exam topics have or not.

Even if it was cut tomorrow, the 3550 is still a good lab switch for the CCIE. It's pretty darn close to the 3560s. The few major differences would probably be in QoS and Private VLANs. But the bulk of the features are the same. Seeing as they are about $1000 cheaper, you'll save a ton of money buying these over the 3560s. You can always buy just one 3560 or rent online racks to get your familiarity with the 3560 specific configs.

Worst case, you buy 3550s now, and sell them when they are officially cut from the hardware list. You'll maybe take a hit of $100-$150 each. That's not too bad considering the overall cost of a CCIE.

steve_steele Mon, 11/10/2008 - 16:40

I passed my lab a couple of weeks ago.

I only used 3550's for practice as I could not afford the 3560's.

Private VLANs and IPV6 can't be done properly on the 3550 and theres a couple of differences with QOS and SPAN but nothing that a couple of sessions on a remote rack wouldn't sort.

There is a liitle 8 port 3560 available which may be a cheapish option.

All the best for the LAB




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