route-map and ip prefix-list

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Nov 10th, 2008

guys just a quick one....if we have prefix-list for example 2 of them..

ip prefix-list route seq 5

ip prefix-list route2 seq 5

will both work as both have same seq no or it doesnt matter as both prefix-list are different (names)???? or what if i dont put the prefix-list seq will it take automatically.....secondly same thing with route-map

if i have to rouute-map

route-map abc permit 10

route-map 123 permit 10

will both bothhave same permit 10 statement or router will treat them sepratly just like above example....thanks

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hasmurizal Mon, 11/10/2008 - 19:01


for this case it is different for both. i believe that for prefix-list, each "names" will follow there own sequence number, as long as the name is uniquely defined.

but in the route-map, if any network/host match into the number 10 (i.e. in the access-list) it will be included in the route-map. here it is the number will match the route-map.

hope you understand my explenation.

Giuseppe Larosa Tue, 11/11/2008 - 01:13

Hello Khan,

if names are different no problem otherwise the second overrides the first you can make a try on a lab router.

First name identify the configuration object, then the sequence number identifies the position in the object this is valid also for route-maps.

every route-map block is characterized by a name, an action permit|deny and a sequence number.

When needed multiple blocks clauses can be used but the route-map is made of all the blocks in the correct order (given by the sequence number)

So in both cases no problems

Hope to help


The_guroo_2 Tue, 11/11/2008 - 05:16

Thanks man its always really nice to get answer from you....u have replied my many quiries and this one is as usual a v nice one...thanks bud....u r too good just fell like telling ya

Mohamed Sobair Tue, 11/11/2008 - 01:26


As long as different names applied then both can be applied.

The sequence number if defined or not is created once statment is configured and incremented by 5.

A route-map should have a Match and Set clauses defined.



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