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I have a call routing problem.

I have two offices NY & Conneticut that use the same QSIG trunk.

Both offices have their own CSS and Partitions. There are seperate route patterns in different CSS in but the partitions used for the route patterns are in each of the offices CSS.

The gateway in CT has the QSIG and T1 when calls come up the trunk the New York Calls are routing out of the CT T1 and not the NY T1, I need away of routing the NY calls out of the NY t1.

Hope this explanation is clear.


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Kenneth Mohammed Tue, 11/11/2008 - 06:16
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Im assuming you are referring to outbound calls. What you need to do is put all of your NY phones in 1 CSS. Then make a route list with only the NY T1's, and make a route group with only the NY route list in it. Make your route patterns and point these route patterns to the NY route group. Be sure that the partition that these route patterns are in are accessible by the CSS for your NY phones. In the NY CSS, make sure that the partition in which the route patterns pointing to the NY route group is at the top of the list of partitions in the NY CSS.

Hope that made sense.


Thanks for your quick response. Yes we talking outbound calls. Im not sure i've understood you.

The calls are coming from a dealer board system so we only have route patterns for the number.

The route pattern for the NY dealer board numbers are in there own partition which is part of the NY CSS and the CT CSS for inter office dialing.

Inbound we point the calls down the CT QSIG RL that QSIG route list is in a partition which is part of the CT CSS, BUT the route pattern is part of a NY partition.

Are you saying create another Route Group and Route list which contains the CT QSIG in a partition which is on part of NY CSS??????

Thanks Allot

Kenneth Mohammed Tue, 11/11/2008 - 06:43
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Im not quite sure im understanding your setup, but basically put whatever partitions you need NY to access in the NY CSS, and whichever partition your outbound route pattern resides in, put this partition first in the list of partitions in your NY CSS.

Thanks for your effort, I may see if I can do a diagram.

Your last explanation is how I have it for NY, but the calls still use the CT T1. The route patterns for CT and NY are identical and in the CT CSS the route pattern PT is higher than the NY Route pattern which contains the dealer board numbers..could this affect it?

Kenneth Mohammed Tue, 11/11/2008 - 07:24
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OK..look at your route list configuration. Make sure the NY T1 is on top of the CT T1.


After looking at the problem further i've identifed where the issue is.

The inbound calling search space for the QSIG is the Conneticut CSS, this CSS only has route patterns for Conneticut.

If I add a partition which contains route patterns for NY I can't see away of directing the inbound calls to use specific route patterns outbound, also the route patterns for NY & CT are identical, so even if we add a NY partiton that contain route patterns for NY the highest partition with the closest match will win so its an either or situation. The calls will go out of NY or CT

There isn't away of routing the call based on source?....Any suggestions


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