Sushil Kumar Katre Wed, 11/12/2008 - 20:16
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Hi Lin,

Jon is absolutely correct (+5 Jon).

HWIC-4ESW does not supports EtherChannel.

From this nice Q&A (PFA) -

Q. Do the Cisco EtherSwitch devices support Cisco EtherChannel® technology?

A. The Cisco EtherSwitch *network modules* and service modules support Cisco EtherChannel technology, including the Gigabit Ethernet ports.

Up to eight ports with the same speed and duplex can be aggregated into a single channel group. The Cisco EtherSwitch *HWICs* do not support Cisco EtherChannel technology. If both a network module and an HWIC are used, the network module interfaces can be configured for Cisco EtherChannel technology, but those on the HWIC cannot.

-> Sushil


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