sadbulali Wed, 11/19/2008 - 09:34
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Yes it is possible to allow access to the webserver on port 80 from internet.So from the webserver you have you can access the webserver on port 80 from internet for the website that the server is used for. If the Cisco IOS image on the router supports URL filtering but does not support Zone-based Policy Firewall (ZPF), you can maintain one local URL list on the router. This list is used by all Application Security policies in which URL filtering is enabled. Cisco IOS images of release 12.4(9)T and later support all the ZPF features that SDM supports. In a ZPF configuration, a local URL list can be created for each URL filtering parameter map.

srue Wed, 11/19/2008 - 11:37
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look into http inspection on the pix, as long as it's 7.x code or newer.


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