MobileConnect Caller-ID on PSTN Remote Destination

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Nov 13th, 2008
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Customer would like to have PSTN caller-id displayed on their Remote Destination Devices such as cell phones.

To elaborate we have CM6.1.2 and H323 PRI with Mobile Connect Enabled at Company ABC.

If a PSTN call from company XYZ comes into company ABC for joe user that call is also sent to a Remote Destination such as joe user's cell phone. Joe would like to see company XYZ's caller-id (Phone number)and name if possible.

How can I do this with CM?

From Telco:

IF true:

Western Land's phone equipment needs to be able to place ABC's CO # in the "redirected number" field of the D-CH message rather than placing that info in the outbound caller id field of the D-CH message. ABC Co is not Western Land, so Western Land shouldn't be modifying their caller id to some other companies telephone number. That is what the redirected # field is for.

So....ABC calls Western Land....Western Land originates a new call that sends a Western Land caller id message along with a redirected number to the far end or termination point. The far end has to be able to handle receiving a caller id & redirected phone # message. The far end determines how they will handle the data being received. Some will just display the redirected #, some display only the caller id and some will show both as happens on my ISDN phone set....the caller id and redirected # toggle back & forth.

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jbayuka Thu, 11/20/2008 - 12:15
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Create remote destination profiles and access lists. After they are created, you can enter individual remote destinations, assigning each to a profile. Each remote destination presents a cellular or other phone that can be configured to accept transfers from the user's desktop phone.

Remote Destination Profile Configuration:

Mobile Connect and Mobile Voice Access:

TODD BERGMAN Thu, 11/20/2008 - 12:37
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Thanks for the response but not what I was looking for. Reread my initial post. The customers Remote Destination wants the caller-id of the PSTN caller.

Looks like I am going to have to work with the Telco provider to open up caller-id fields so the customer has full control. An LOA (Letter of Authorization is required for this) as I understand it.


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