Missed call information with Expansion module

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Nov 13th, 2008

We have two admins with an expansion module that share the same DNs of executives in the office. When someone calls an executive and they don't answer the admins see a missed call. One of the admins can go to Directories | missed calls and see the call detail From "phone number" for "Executive A" but the other admin only sees "From "Phone number" and not who it was intended for so she gets confused if the call was intended for her or someone else. I looked at both phones and don't see any differences.

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Rob Huffman Thu, 11/13/2008 - 10:17

Hi Chris,

Is it possible that these are two different IP Phone models? Like perhaps a 7960 and a 7961? The older models like the 7960 do not show the detail that the 3rd generation models like the 7961 do.

Just a thought,


CHRIS KALETH Thu, 11/13/2008 - 11:17

I noticed the two phones are different images (both are 7961G).

I tried upgrading the phone that is not working but it keeps the same image.

This phone works

App Load ID Jar41sccp.8-2-1ES5.sbn

Boot Load ID 7961G_64-02070631Amd64megRel.bin

Version SCCP41.8-2-1ES5S

Expansion Module 1 S00105000300

This phone does not work

App Load ID Jar41.2-9-2-26.sbn

Boot Load ID 7961G_64-02070631Amd64megRel.bin

Version 7.0(3.0S)

Expansion Module 1 S00105000300

Rob Huffman Thu, 11/13/2008 - 12:36

Hi Chris,

Well, I guess that's where the problem lies. Whta we need to find out is why the second phone won't upgrade to the newer firmware? If you watch the phone when it boots up can you see where this upgrade fails by the message on the screen of the phone? If not perhaps you can setup a sniffer to get some traces of the boot/tftp sequence.


CHRIS KALETH Thu, 11/13/2008 - 12:37

Thanks Rob. I copied TFTP locally to that phone and I got it upgraded. I'm just waiting for a response from the user, but I'm sure it will be working now. Thanks.

Rob Huffman Thu, 11/13/2008 - 13:21

Hi Chris,

Nice work! I'm quite sure that this will resolve the issue.




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