Giuseppe Larosa Thu, 11/13/2008 - 23:12
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Hello Vinoth,

the steps are:

a) on the pc have someone gets its ip address using ipconfig /all

b) goes on the PC default gateway ping the PC and gets its MAC address using

sh ip arp pc.address

c) the sh ip arp tells you the outgoing interface on the router.


sh cdp n router.interface det

d) telnet/ssh to the switch ip address and start to look for the pc.mac.address


sh mac-address-table address pc.mac.address

verify what is out the interface if there is another switch again

sh cdp n switch.port det

access the next switch

sh mac-address-table address pc.mac.address

until you find a switch that out of an access port has the pc.mac.address

this works if the PC is connected.

Hope to help



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