Upgrade Unified Messaging from 4.21 to 7.0!!!

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Bradford Magnani Sat, 11/15/2008 - 08:56
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The Reconfiguration and Upgrade Guide pretty much says it all:





A lot of times people wonder if extending the schema for AD is required for a version upgrade, and the answer is yes, especially in your case; jumping 2 versions.

Hope this helps,


Tommer Catlin Mon, 11/17/2008 - 08:03
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Couple notes or advice:

- if you are on Windows 2000, plan on reloading from scratch.

- Review your server hardware. Not much sense in upgrading to Unity 7.x if you have old hardware. (may have to replace the server hardware next year, why not do it right now)

- If you have new hardware, load it up to 4.21 with windows 2003 and DIRT Back, DIRT restore. You are now "prepped" for the upgrade on your new hardware

- UPdate your schema, update your clients if you are using PCA (media bar) or ViewMail

- You can do a rolling upgrade is probably the method you want to use.

- purchase spare drives. You can use these drives for a quick rollback in the event the upgrade goes sideways.

- acquire correct license BEFORE you start.

- Rolling upgrade, failover to secondary server, pull drive on primary, run 7.x inplace and upgrade from 4.2.1

- Failback to primary, upgrade failover.

- test failover, failback, check for Engineering specials that may be used in your situation or have them downloaded in case you do need them.

The 7.x is similar to the rest of the Unity versions. (Exchange Clustering does not work yet, but coming, so you if you are clustering, I would hold off!) The upgrade process is similar from going from 4.x to 5.x.


s.forrest Mon, 11/17/2008 - 09:48
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I have just read this thread and wondered if you experienced any issues when performing the upgrade (assuming it has been done). I am just about to upgrade 4.2.1 to 7.x and would like a heads up if at all possible.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks and regards,


maratimer_2 Tue, 02/24/2009 - 08:54
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Has anyone upgraded to Unity 7.x without upgrading the viewmail client to Viewmail 7.x? Im just wondering if Unity 7.x is backwards compatable to the Unity 4.x viewmail client as I do not have the opportunity to test this in our lab at the moment. The Matrix shows that viewmail should be upgraded but I realize that is due to the fact that cisco cant test every version with each other..is there anything in the 7.x version which is required and would negate the use of the 4.x version of viewmail against Unity 7.x

Input is appreciated from those who have actually done this. Thanks.

maratimer_2 Tue, 02/24/2009 - 09:41
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sorry forgot to Add, customer is on Exchange 2003 with Outlook 2003.


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