How to get unanswered call to top of queue?

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Nov 20th, 2008
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When a call goes unanswered by an agent, it gets put to the back of the queue, which is frustrating the callers.

Does anyone know how to make those unanswered calls get to the head of the queue in these situations?


UCCX 5.0(1)

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billybjo1 Thu, 11/20/2008 - 12:58
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I wouldn't know why they answered the call. I'm sure its not that unusual, it happens.

They don't want auto-answer.

If I knew how to do it I wouldn't be asking, would I not?

billybjo1 Thu, 11/20/2008 - 15:53
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It's the specifics of how to achieve that I'm puzzled about.

I tried a set priority in the connected step, but it seemed to have no affect once the call them bounced back to the queue.

Maybe if I set some kind of counter variable in that step and use that once the call is back in the queue to then up the priority, just not sure if that will work.

Is there some easy way you are referring to?

Could you explain further?

I wouldn't class myself as an expert, so these questions may seem basic.

billybjo1 Tue, 11/25/2008 - 07:47
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I've got a part answer for this.

I've amended the "select resource" Connect to "No" and done a manual Connect. Then in the failed step I've done a "set priority" to increase by 1.

The affect is that this part works. When a caller goes unanswered, it flows to the failed step, gets its priority increased, bounces back to the select resource. What I've found is that the 2 calls at the top of the list get swapped, but any remaining ones do have to wait in the queue, so I'm mostly there. Just can't get the last 2 calls sorted but thats not much of a problem and is better then before where the caller went to the very back of the queue.

You've done well.

I can tell you that playing with priorities can be a strange trip. We encountered a bug with priorities in UCCX that lead to starvation. I'm not really a UCCX engineer, but I was associated with this project through a colleague. Cisco acknowledged the bug.

You may be as close as you can get, but someone else may be able to provide more insight.



I did something like that but in IPCCX 4.

Under Select Resource I used the Connect method and then using the Connected and Failed properties I used a Set priority object inside the Failed and increased by 2 then I send the call back to the Select Resource using a GoTo.

It worked, we did a controlled test with a few agents and making a couple of calls.

Patrik Englund Fri, 11/28/2008 - 09:18
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I always use rona scripts for each skillgroup. It's much easier to just have a rona script that's a copy of the main script but you only change the priority in the skillgroup in the script.

If using this you can have all agent desksettings to go to the same rona scripts and from there trigger the correct skillgroup rona script depending on what you put in the call.peripheral.variable. Little tricky to explain but it's east to set uo. This i use for cucch 7.5 globaly


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