H323/E&M connects to Avaya Switch

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Hey All,

I have a remote site that is currently connected to our main site via E&M Int --- H323 ---MPLS-- CM. The Avaya switch connects to the E&M int. We are currently having poor quality when the sites try to call to each other over MPLS. I am wondering if anybody can give me some areas to look at.. Here is what I have already tried.

1. Sniffer capture at the main site shows QOS markings are correct to and from the remote site.

2. Policy map does not show any drops for the priority queue (LLQ)

3. One thing I did notice was the delta delay on packets had much greater delay than 20ms.. Sometimes as high as 200-600ms. Ideas? (Call quality was ok)

4. MOS score on the Cisco IP phone shows 2.0 for the average. Not sure if this is normal for this type of setup. (Call quality was ok)

5.Bandwidth for this remote site is 3mb into MPLS, we have noticed at times it could use up all of it. If an IP call starts up during this time I would think LLQ should be able to handle the call, correct?

I am also posting the H323 GW config.

Any ideas or info would be great.

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