Joseph W. Doherty Fri, 11/21/2008 - 10:07
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Unsure whether a 1841 will physically support 4 T1s, but even if it did, I would be concerned it might offer insufficent performance.

For multiple T1s, believe Cisco recommends the 2800 series; the more T1s the more powerful models in the series. I can't find this Cisco reference at the moment, but recall for 4 T1s, Cisco recommendation might be for a 2821 or 2851. However, Cisco recommendations are conservative and you might be able to get by with lessor model in the series.

johnlloyd_13 Fri, 11/21/2008 - 23:03
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i would definitely recommend using a 2800 series router for bundled PPP links. overheads and delays will impact smaller routers as it computes which line to use and managing other tasks. use a 2811 for 4 T1s; and a 2851 for 6 or 8 T1s. these routers gives you plenty of backplane speed for ACLs or other services. our wan branches are all 2851s and supports 2,3 or 4 bundled PPP links


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