Queue to Agent fails lead Calls Error in Webview Report

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Nov 22nd, 2008
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When we are checking with reports in webview, I find high number of call errors in a particular call type. When I trace the webview db, i found it call come from ErrorCounts (should be script errors) and i found some of the calls route to the "X" branch in one of the queue to agent node.

Will it leads to a increment of the ErrorCounts??

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Queue to Agent. You have two choices.

You can do it specifically to a selected agent hardcoded in the Queue to Agent node, and then you need a skill group and a route.

Or you can do it indirectly using a formula for the peripheral ID and an Enterprise Skill Group and Enterprise Route. I find the second one easier.

Which are you using?

In the first case, if you have done a skill reassignment and the agent is no longer a member of of the skill hardcoded in the Queue to Agent node, the route will fail.

One way to address this is to create a skill which you put all agents into, for the sole purpose of Queue to Agent.

I use the indirect method but put everyone in a special skill group for the purpose and make an Enterprise Skill Group with just that SG, and an Enterprise Route with just that Route.



lee.alex Sun, 11/23/2008 - 07:41
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I am using a indirect one. Actually i am storing the agent-id in the database and use the Queue to Agent to direct call to that agent.

I have create a Enterprise Skillgroup and associate the skill group of those agents in that skillgroup.

And i set the route in the "Route" field instead of the "Enterprise Route". Is that a difference on that ?

Getting the agent ID from a database is a common strategy for preferred-agent routing.

I quite don't know what you are doing with the route, but I know how it works for me.

Let's say that the skill group is QtoA and it has an associated route QtoA_rt.

Now you also should have an Enterprise skill group, say ESG, of which QtoA is a member.

You also create an Enterprise Route, say ERT, of which QtoA_rt is a member.

Now in the queue to agent (indirect) node set agent ID, ESG and ERT.




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