LMS 3.0.1/UserTracking : can't see alcatel ip phone mac address

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Nov 26th, 2008


Our customer has LMS 3.0.1 with Campus 5.0.3 :

He doesn't find alcatel ip phone mac-address on UT.

But on LMS 2.1, he can. Why ? Is there a specific configuration ?

Here you can find configuration port on switch:


interface FastEthernet3/9

switchport access vlan 201

switchport mode access

switchport nonegotiate

switchport voice vlan 601

no logging event link-status

speed 100

duplex half

qos vlan-based

no snmp trap link-status

tx-queue 3

priority high

no cdp enable

spanning-tree portfast

Many thanks, Elisabeth

I have this problem too.
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Joe Clarke Wed, 11/26/2008 - 08:16

There is nothing wrong with this port configuration. Provided this switch was properly Data Collected by Campus Manager, the phone should show up as an end host. It will not, however, show up as an IP phone.

ebezombes Mon, 12/08/2008 - 11:55


Customer has found a phone mac on ut, on ut this mac belong to vlan 201 otherwise it should be 601.

Snmp request on brigde mib with [email protected] returns many responses :

- BRIDGE-MIB::dot1dTpFdbAddress.'..Ÿw.B' = Hex-STRING: 00 80 9F 77 07 42 <= port 2/13

- BRIDGE-MIB::dot1dTpFdbAddress.'..Ÿw.`' = Hex-STRING: 00 80 9F 77 07 60 <= port 2/15

Customer explained me that when the phone is connecting it get an IP@ by dhcp, dhcp server is on 201 vlan and after he get the IP@ he goes to 601 vlan.

=> that could explain why we found mac phone on vlan 201.

May be the issue is a bad analysing about vlan ?

1. bug on device snmp agent about getting vlan

2. bug with campus to analyse vlan

I found this bug http://tools.cisco.com/Support/BugToolKit/search/getBugDetails.do?method=fetchBugDetails&bugId=CSCsk78801&from=summary

What do you think ?

Many thanks for help, Elisabeth

Joe Clarke Mon, 12/08/2008 - 12:06

If you walk the dot1dTpFdbTable for VLAN 201 do you see these MAC addresses? That's essentially what UT is doing. If the switch is saying that these MACs are in VLAN 201 and 601, then that would confuse UT.

ebezombes Mon, 12/08/2008 - 12:17

those two mac are not present for 201 vlan, see file vlan_201 and vlan_601.

I think that if a phone just connect when there is a major or minor acquisition then ut see the mac phone by snmp on vlan 201.

After IP phone goes to vlan 601.

Joe Clarke Mon, 12/08/2008 - 14:16

Meaning if you do an acquisition now, when the phone is being reported in VLAN 601 by the switch, does UT report it correctly?

ebezombes Tue, 12/09/2008 - 12:04

CU has made a test this morning, she has restart an IP phone :

At 8H18 am: we can see the same phone mac on both vlan:

6000-B2-PAR> (enable) sh cam dyn 6/31

* = Static Entry. + = Permanent Entry. # = System Entry. R = Router Entry.

X = Port Security Entry $ = Dot1x Security Entry

VLAN Dest MAC/Route Des [CoS] Destination Ports or VCs / [Protocol Type]

---- ------------------ ----- -------------------------------------------

208 00-80-9f-5d-ff-0c 6/31 [ALL]

608 00-80-9f-5d-ff-0c 6/31 [ALL]

Total Matching CAM Entries Displayed = 2

At 8H25 pm: the phone mac is visible only on vlan 608

6000-B2-PAR> (enable) sh cam dyn 6/31

* = Static Entry. + = Permanent Entry. # = System Entry. R = Router Entry.

X = Port Security Entry $ = Dot1x Security Entry

VLAN Dest MAC/Route Des [CoS] Destination Ports or VCs / [Protocol Type]

---- ------------------ ----- -------------------------------------------

608 00-80-9f-5d-ff-0c 6/31 [ALL]

Total Matching CAM Entries Displayed = 1

for info

6000-B2-PAR> (enable) sh cam agingtime

VLAN 208 aging time = 300 sec

VLAN 608 aging time = 300 sec

BUT on ut we can see only phone mac on 208 vlan.

Thanks, Elisabeth

Joe Clarke Tue, 12/09/2008 - 13:47

I don't see how this can happen. If a major acquisition runs at time 8H18 am, then it is possible that the MAC is only seen on VLAN 608. However, when a major acquisition is run at time 8H25 pm, then an entry would show up on VLAN 208.

You could enable "user tracking" debugging under Campus Manager > Admin > Debugging Options > User Tracking Server, then run a new acquisition, you should see in the ut.log how the acquisition is getting the VLAN 608 value.

richard.tetu Thu, 12/11/2008 - 08:26

Thanks jclarke,

If we select the Debugging Options ,do we need to chose only Dynamic User Tracking or add Dynamic User Tracking Console ?

In the Dynamic User Tracking , do we need enable debug for :

- UT Manager


Joe Clarke Thu, 12/11/2008 - 08:31

Neither. You need to enable User Tracking Server debugging under Campus Manager > Admin > Debugging Options. Select "user tracking" from the list of available modules.

richard.tetu Fri, 12/19/2008 - 04:50


I would like to mentionned that:

Our customer notify that it's forbidden to allow us to send log with their network addressing .(Defense restrictive)

For summarize:

The log that i have analysed doesn't show us the Vlan 608, but only the Vlan 208 for data equipment.Meanwhile, the ip phones belong well to the his TOIP one.

The problem seems beeing appeared since CW_LMS has been migrated to 2.2 to 3.0.1

Could we consider that it's an existing bug and opened a case to the TAC ?

richard.tetu Tue, 12/16/2008 - 06:43

I get the ut.log in zip format.

I didn't see the VLAN id 608 only the 208 one.

The ping sweep has been launched too

Joe Clarke Fri, 12/19/2008 - 05:52

Then it sounds like the problem is with the switch, and not with User Tracking. However, without seeing the log myself, I cannot say for sure.

Joe Clarke Wed, 01/14/2009 - 11:14

I see no references to VLANs 601 or 608 in this log. At this point, I recommend you open a TAC service request so your problem can be analyzed in real time.

richard.tetu Thu, 01/22/2009 - 02:42


Upgrade in CM 5.0.4 seems to resolve the default.

I put on monitoring this with this issue.

The launched of the UT > Quick Report - VlanId- Contains- *.has seen now the IP AlCATEL Phones.


richard.tetu Tue, 03/17/2009 - 03:41

The problem has been coming back.

The IP Phones aren't seen again.

The upgrade seems to temporarely correct the default.

Question: Is there a process who could write something over the User Tracking reports , without taking care the existing status of UT ?

Martin Ermel Tue, 03/17/2009 - 08:15

what is the current value of 'UTGetVlansWithUserPorts' in

NMSROOT/campus/etc/ut.properties ?

If it is set to '1', make a backup of the file and change the value to be


Run a Data Collection. When this has finished run a UT Major Acquisition


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