Call pickup notification on CUCM 6.1(2)

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Nov 26th, 2008
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Hi all,

I have problem with Call Pickup Notification on a second lines.

Imagine we have 3 phones with 2 lines each, the primary lines are on one pickup group PG1 and the notification on this group works fine, the second lines are on another pickup group PG2 and the call pickup notification does not work for this second group !!!

Does any one have any idea ???

Thanks for your help,


Correct Answer by Jaime Valencia about 8 years 6 months ago

that is WAD, pickup group notification works only on primary lines



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Correct Answer
Jaime Valencia Wed, 11/26/2008 - 09:29
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that is WAD, pickup group notification works only on primary lines



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a.namnami Wed, 11/26/2008 - 14:14
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Thanks for your reply,

Can you please tell me where can i find this information on CUCM documentation road map?



Rob Huffman Wed, 11/26/2008 - 14:28
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Hi /AN,

For CCM 4.2 (***)

Understanding Call Pickup


Note Cisco Unified CallManager Attendant Console does not work with call pickup. The attendant console user interface cannot appropriately handle calls coming from or made to phones that belong to a call pickup group due to Cisco Unified CallManager Java Telephony Applications Programming Interface (JTAPI) and computer telephony integration (CTI) limitations.


Cisco Unified IP Phones provide three types of call pickup: call pickup, group call pickup, and other group call pickup.

•Call pickup-Allows users to pick up incoming calls within their own group. Cisco Unified CallManager automatically dials the appropriate call pickup group number when the user activates this feature from a Cisco Unified IP Phone. Use the Pickup softkey for this type of call pickup.

For this type of call pickup, you can configure audio and visual notification to the rest of the call pickup group members that a call is available for pickup.

The following guidelines apply to call pickup notification:

-Only users in the same call pickup group receive notification.

-Use this feature for small to medium call pickup groups. If you configure notification for large call pickup groups, it can adversely affect some system resources. For every new call, there are as many messages generated as there are users in the pickup group. The larger the group and the more new calls, the greater the burden on system resources.

-***Only primary lines are notified.

-In the case of multiple active notification alerts, the latest visual alert overwrites the previous ones. However, when a user activates call pickup, the user gets connected to the earliest call available for pickup, even if that call is not the visual alert that currently displays on the phone. You can avoid this mismatch by using visual notification without displaying calling or called party information. With this configuration, a generic message reading, "Call(s) available for Pickup" displays.

For CCM 7.x (***)

Call Pickup Notification

The Call Pickup Notification feature provides an audio or visual, or both, notification on Cisco Unified IP Phones when other members of a pickup group receive a call. Call Pickup Notification gets configured in three configuration windows for three types of settings: system, call pickup group, DN/phone.

•Service Parameters Configuration-The type of audio notification (beep or ring) to be heard when a phone is idle or busy gets set from the Service Parameters Configuration window. This setting becomes the system default.

•Call Pickup Group Configuration-The type of notification for each call pickup group gets configured from the Call Pickup Group Configuration window in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration. In addition to configuring the type of notification, you can configure the time, in seconds, to delay the audio and visual alerts after the call comes into that group. This allows the original called party a chance to pick up the call prior to the audio and/or visual alert being sent to the pickup group. See the "Call Pickup Group Configuration Settings" section.

-To configure whether the notification will be audio or visual, or both, use the configuration settings in the Call Pickup Group Notification Settings section of the Call Pickup Group Configuration window. ***The notification gets sent only to the primary line of a device.

Hope this helps!


a.namnami Thu, 11/27/2008 - 13:10
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Hi Rob,

Thanks a lot for this information, it was very helpful,




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