Speed-dials MIA on 7921/UCM6.1

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Nov 28th, 2008


Recently migrated a customer to UCM6.1 from 4.3 and experienced an interesting issue. Speed-dials is no longer showing up on 7921-phones (f/w 1.2.1). The speed-dials and phone-button templates are correctly configured, but they refuse to show up when pressing right on the nav-pad.

7921-phones were running the same f/w when CM was 4.3 and there it worked just fine. As a proof-of-concept, we have attempted to configure additional lines as well as reassigning buttons to BLF SD, which both works fine and shows up as expected on the phone. It seems that it's just regular SD's that won't show up...

Using BLF's instead is not really a possible option, since that would remove the users ability to modify the SD's by themselves.

Anyone with any ideas regarding this issue and how it can be fixed? :-)

Thanks in advance.

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