transcoder configuration for CCME and CCM integration

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Nov 28th, 2008

CCME 4.1 integrate with CCM 4.2 as a h.323 gateway. Need to use g.729 for inter-site voip calls and g.711 for calls within local subnet. Now I configure a different region for CCME and choose codec g.729 to CCM region. Transcoder is configured only in CCME. Two sites can ring each other, but call drops as soon as it is picked up.

Should transcoder be configured in both CCM and CCME?

Should DSP resource for transcoder be available in both site gateways?

If inter-region codec is g.729, what is the codec with RTP streams sent from IP phone? Is the codec always g.711 with RTP streams sent from IP phone?


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Marwan ALshawi Fri, 11/28/2008 - 18:44

hi there

first of all

i will assume all the phones cisco ip phones

ciscp ip phones can hndel xcodeing using its internal dsp for deffrent codecs in ur casee u dont need dsp

unless u want to route a call over the WAN link then to PSTN this way u must use trans coding on the terminating device which is the edge gateway

is the remote site phones rigistered with CME or CM?

also on the voip dial-peer put the command codec g729

which is the default on voip dial-peers

good luck

michaelzhq Sun, 11/30/2008 - 21:05

Thank you for the reply, Marwan.

Yes, all phones are Cisco ip phone.

remote site phones register with CME.

CCM site IP phone(G.711??)-->WAN(G.729)-->CME site-->CUE(G.711)

CUE only supports g.711, if the call coming from WAN is g.729, I think transcoding is necessary in CME.

Is region configuration only associated with

IP phone registering with CCM?

Marwan ALshawi Sun, 11/30/2008 - 21:23

for users useing cue they need transcoding

region only for users rigistered with CCM

also if u have gateway voice mail u can assign it region thorugh the device pool

good luck


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