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Nov 28th, 2008

Hi Team

please let me knoew the name of IOS image supporting ATTACHED COMMANDS.on L3 switch 6509 and 3745 router.

The existing IOS in switch is:s72033-advipservicesk9_wan-mz.122-18.SXF14.bin"

The existing IOS in 3745 router is: c3745-ik9o3s-mz.123-12b.bin

Plse provide the IMAGE mname.



I have this problem too.
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Giuseppe Larosa Sat, 11/29/2008 - 03:58

Hello Vaibhav,

I used command lookup tool searching

flow monitor command

Command History




This command was introduced.


This command was integrated into Cisco IOS Release 12.2(31)SB2.


Support for this command was added for Cisco 7200 series routers in Cisco IOS Release 12.2(33)SRC.

then using feature navigator

the feature name is Flexible netflow

unfortunately c3745 is end of sale and the catalyst has to be verified but I'm afraid it doesn't support it.

for c3745 EOS bulletin

for c3845 a suitable image is:

12.4(20)T1 ADVANCED SECURITY c3845-advsecurityk9-mz.124-20.T1.bin 256MB ram 64MB flash

the feature is supported on ISR routers and C7200 routers.


I may be wrong but I think none of your two devices can implement flexible netflow.

Hope to help


vaibhav-g Sat, 11/29/2008 - 04:21

Hi hanks for the reply

thats mean their is no IOS available which can support these commands on 3745 router.

what about L3 switch their is any IOs availble in any feature set which cn support mentioned commnads.



Giuseppe Larosa Sat, 11/29/2008 - 06:14

Hello Vaibhav,

my understanding is that flexible netflow is only supported on software based routers up to now.

So I don't expect to see it supported on 12.2(33)SRC on sup720 c6500.

Next week I can try to see on one of our switches running 12.2(33)SRC but I don't think the command is there.

Hope to help


vaibhav-g Sat, 11/29/2008 - 06:29


I understand thats mean none of the mentioned two devices {switch and router)do not support the flow export and flow monitor commnads on any IOS version.

Plse confirm.



Giuseppe Larosa Sun, 11/30/2008 - 11:30

Hello Vaibhav,

unfortunately it is so: none of the two devices should support flexible netflow for different reasons as explained in previous posts

there is just a chance that last available IOS release for C3745 supports it.

Hope to help



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