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Nov 29th, 2008
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Hi, i hope somebody can suggest me what can i do.

I want to build an scheme for a Point of Service, I mean I have a Point of Sales (VERIFONE) it make a call to a pre configure number that i have connect to a AS5350, after I received the call I must redirect to a LAN environment where a TANDEM or STRATUSS system is going to received the packet (transaction). After this I receive in the POS a confirmation.

POS ------- ) AS53500 ------) LAN -------) Stratus or Tandem

Can somebody suggest something.

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POS-point of service or point of sale. A terminal such as those used by gasoline service stations to charge customers for merchandise and services. A POS is a PC with an internal modem and software

Tandem switching allows the route of calls to a hub location prior to the reach of the final destination, where you can also modify the dial plan and destination pattern.

NTP uses the concept of a "stratum" to describe how many NTP "hops" away a machine is from an authoritative time source. A "stratum 1" time server typically has an authoritative time source (such as a radio or atomic clock, or a GPS time source) directly attached, a "stratum 2" time server receives its time via NTP from a "stratum 1" time server, and so on.

ronaldo_redecard Fri, 12/05/2008 - 06:00
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Hi Ricardo.

You need an equipment capable to route using TPDU + ISO 8583 usually. I am not sure if Cisco has this kind of equipment/solution over RAS products.

If you do not need the TPDU routing you can use the Cisco RAS in transparent mode. But I have never done this using Cisco. Please, contact me by email that I can help you to indicate the best way.


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