Netflow deployed.. Need more visibilty

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I have recently deployed netflow in my network. Here is a brief history.

We have 4 Regional Office (RO) sites, each having 2X 4500 as core switches.

We have 2 data centers, each containing 6500 Switch.

We have 7600 on both the DCs, that connect the users to DC.

On 1 of ROs, i have installed netflow cards on 4500 switches and configured netflow. On rest of the sites, i 'll do it in future as i don't have sep IV-V on them.

On 2x7600, and 2x6500, i have configured netflow in IOS.

I am using Solarwinds netflow analyzer as a collector.

Issue that i am having is, that on 4500, i get the complete information of traffic that runs ON the switch, however, it does not give any insight on Ips coming from other switch vlans. For instance, i have 10.x.x.x on 4500, and i have traffic coming from 172.x.x.x, and off course internet traffic coming to the users, but i am only getting results of 10.x.x.x on that switch.

Also, on 6500, everything seems fine as it gets me the results from outside ips as well, but on 7600, the same netflow configuration, it seems it is giving me only version 7 information, where as i have configured version 5, and nde version 5 on both.

How am i gonna bring them down :) ??

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well, this proves that everyone is on his own for his every deed :)...

4500 switch Issue:> the uplink interface, i.e. trunk interface was not configured for ingress/engress. doing so fixed the problem.:)

7600 router, needed 2 addiontal commands, and i m getting all what was required.

ip flow-egress input-interface

mls flow ip interface-full


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