failover on cisco asa

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Dec 1st, 2008

Hi all, when configuring failover on the cisco asa, my book says you configure the failover on the interface, like this failover lan interface MFAILOVER gigabit interace 0/3

what does the MYFAILOVER mean? is this just the name of the interface that you have done using the nameif command?

so if my gig 0/1 is called inside, you would type failover lan interface inside ??


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grant.maynard Mon, 12/01/2008 - 15:45

Rubbish! For a start the ASA does not have a serial port, the only option is LAN-based failover.

And you must use a dedicated interface for failover, though you can share it with stateful failover. e.g.


failover lan unit primary

failover lan interface failover Gig0/3

failover key *****

failover link failover Gig0/3

failover interface ip failover standby

You should not connect the two ASA failover interfaces by cross-over - use a switch or hub.

sean.lagerholm Wed, 12/03/2008 - 13:26

MFAILOVER is the name of the failover interface. If you already named the interface, try removing the name. The putting in the failover configuration.


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