cannot dial MCU 3545

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Dec 2nd, 2008



I have configured IOS gatekeeper with 2 zone, one for video, the other for mcu.

3545 MCU configured to register with Service Prefixs, 71,80, 81, 82, 83, 84 and I can see that they are reigistering with IOS gatekeeper as E164 IDs. See below:

UK-LON-GK01#sh gatekeeper endpoints circuits



CallSignalAddr Port RASSignalAddr Port Zone Name Type Flags

--------------- ----- --------------- ----- --------- ---- ----- 1720 1719 LON-GK1-MCU1 MCU

H323-ID: Cisco MCU-192168071005

E164-ID: 72

E164-ID: 85

E164-ID: 84

E164-ID: 80

E164-ID: 81 62527 59122 LON-GK1-MCU1 H323-GW

H323-ID: RasAggregator_1#_LON-GK1-MCU1_1

Voice Capacity Max.= Avail.= Current.= 0 62528 59122 LON-GK1-VIDEO1 H323-GW

H323-ID: RasAggregator_1#_LON-GK1-VIDEO1_1

Voice Capacity Max.= Avail.= Current.= 0 1720 1719 LON-GK1-VIDEO1 TERM

H323-ID: London5

E164-ID: 5978

Total number of active registrations = 4

When I dial any of the Service Prefixes, from the Tandberg unit registered with Gatekeeper the call fails - appears to be routing issue. (Guy who configured the MCU said that call should connect to an attendant welcome prompt when I dial any of the Service Prefixes.

First time I've configured H323 Gatekeeper. Does anybody now how this problem can be resolved?

I have this problem too.
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Jesse Drohen Thu, 12/04/2008 - 15:09

Run and/or post a 'debug h225 asn1' on the GK during a failed call; this should at least show if GK is directing the Tandberg to the MCU.


gsidhu Thu, 12/04/2008 - 22:42

I had missed out route patterns on UCM (needs to have route pattern for service prefix, virtual conference room number followed by *** then password string for 1st user, then other users joining conference enter service prefix, virtual conference room number. Users joining conference get prompted for password (which was defined by 1st user.

Problem resolved after I created the route patterns.


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