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Dec 2nd, 2008


a) two WAAS accelerated sites connect to an MPLS WAN with different speed links 4 mbps and 40 mbps subscribed bandwidth respectively.

b) the deployment mode for both sites is in-line

c) both appliances are WAE-512

d) other sites connect to the MPLS network and may send traffic to the 40 mbps site.

e) no VLANs are used on the link where WAE is installed

f) v 4.1.1c


1) Would WAE-512 (sized for 8mbps) be able to cope with optimising 4 mbps traffic and passing through the rest.

2) what configuration steps would be required



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ropethic Wed, 12/03/2008 - 06:00

WAEs are not restricted in terms of hardware and software WAN / LAN Bandwidth. There are recommendations that should be followed when using the full suite of optimizations.

For instance the 512 will utilize up to 8M with 1G of memory (20G with 2M) of bandwidth for DRE and PLZ.

In addition to bandwidth, each WAE will need to accommadate the number of required TCP seesions, 600 (1G) and 1200 (2G). If the max is reached, new sessions will enter passthrough until optimized sessions is reduced.

Attached is the sizing guide.

In terms of TFO optimization only (no dre, plz) the BW numbers increase as follows:

WAE-512-1GB - 350Mbps

WAE-512-2GB - 400Mbps

WAE-612-2GB - 450Mbps

WAE-612-4GB - 500Mbps

One other thing to consider is the amount of current BW utilization on the links. If only utilizing 20-30% of of the 40M the 8M optimization is fine.



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