Licensing a CallManager 6.1.

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Dec 3rd, 2008


I have a problem with a Cisco Unified Communication Manager, Release 6.1.

The thing is like this,

the CallManager has two Ethernet NICs (Ethernet 0 and Ethernet 1) and I don't know what the Mac Address of the Ethernet 0 is.

The appliance has an etiquette with two Mac Addresses.

For example:



Some one can tell me what the Mac Address of the Ethernet 0 is.

There's any kind of role to see this?

Can some one help me?

Thanks in advance,

Rui Capao

I have this problem too.
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rcapao Thu, 12/04/2008 - 14:45


I'm doing a fresh installation of the CUCM.

When I do a fresh installation I have to put in the CallManager a license.

I goo to the Cisco site were I can ask for it, and I put the PAK reference.

After that, the application in the Cisco site asks me to give the Mac Address of the Eth0 of the CallManager, to associate this Mac Address to the PAK and to obtain a license.

Where can I get this Mac Address in the CallManager?

I notice that in the appliance there is a stick with two mac addresses.

Is one of them, the mac address that I'm looking for?

Or, have I to initiate the installation of the CallManager, and after it is installed I can go to the CLI and use the command “sh network”, as you told to me.

Thanks in advance,

Rui Capão

bigcappa1 Thu, 12/04/2008 - 14:59


You can see the MAC using the show network eth0 or during the install it will tell you the MAC address to use to select for applying for the licence.

If you have installed successfully you can also go to OS Admin gui and have a look at the network setting


From the Cisco Unified Communications Operating System Administration window, navigate to Show>Network.

The Network Settings window displays.



rob.huffman Thu, 12/04/2008 - 15:54

Hi Rui,

Just to add a note to the great info from my friends Java and Paul. +5 points each guys for your good work!

It should be the MAC listed on top on the sticker. But keep in mind that you don't need the license (with PAK registration) until after the CCM has been built. So you can go ahead and complete the build, then query the box with the methods above to make sure that the MAC info is good before submitting the license registration :)

Hope this helps!


neethan Thu, 12/04/2008 - 21:41


I think you can bind the two MAC into one virtual MAC so that all the PAK licenses can be bound to that.

Good luck.


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