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Dec 3rd, 2008

I have the following setup:

private IP ((non-routable) IP on the outside Interface that goes into a Router with the public (routable) IP Address) <-> ASA <-> IP DMZ (internal Interface with routable IP)

What i want to achieve is to be able to establish vpn tunnels (road warrior, not site-to-site) to the inside Interface (routable IP) and not the outside interface (non-routable IP).

Is this even possible ?

let me elaborate a bit:

the idea is that the outside interface of the ASA has a private IP Address. This means that this address is not routable, so i cannot use it to connect the vpn clients to it. What i want to achieve is to be able to use the IP Address of the same ASA that resides on the DMZ Interface (which is a public/routable IP Address).

The problem is that even if i enable management-access on that interface, i have no idea if i would be able to connect to it. And since this is part of a larger ASA Production Setup, i cannot really play around with the IP Addresses (the simple way would be to subnet my dmz further and assign a small subnet on the outside interface of the asa to the border routers).

Anyway, anybody, please let me know if i can terminate vpn tunnels on the inside interface of an ASA.

I have this problem too.
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Hi Andrew:

I'm trying to do the same thing as the original poster. My OUTSIDE interface has an non-routable private IP address and the INSIDE interface has static public IP address.

I want to terminate my VPNs on the INSIDE interface, but that's not working with a fresh ASA configuration with everything enabled.




Sorry I am confused - your "outside" ip address is one of the:-




addresses ranges?

And the Inside has an Internet IP address?? Errrrmmmm I would personaly reverse it, have the internet address on the outside and the internal on the inside = the normal firewall setup and configuration.



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