passed BCMSN

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passed the exam today and have few tips (without breaking the rules):

the trainsignal video (Chris Bryant) is very good, explaining it all the way without loosing you

WLAN is a big, not - a BIG subject. had 8 Qs on that subject. this is a subject that trainsignal does NOT cover enough

Security is another subject that does NOT get enough depth in the video (or the cisco materials) but does get few hard questions

Voice get just the right attention at the video and give you what you need for the exam

overall it is a reasonable exam, lot's of configs to type in and tons of STP, VTP and HSRP


I have this problem too.
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Sachin.bhamra Thu, 12/04/2008 - 02:56

Congrats on the pass, although you kind of did break one of the NDI rules stating how many questions your received on a particular subject. No harm done.

I take it you are onto the BSCI now? I've used Trainsignal for both my BCMSN and BCSI and passed first time so I thoroughly recommend that material. Onto the ISCW now myself and hope to take this exam first week in Jan.

If you are doing the BSCI next, my advise is to tackle each subject (protocol) at each time. Only move onto the next subject when you thoroughly understand the first subject and take notes down!! Even if you are just copying word for word what you are reading. It helps you retain the information.

Let me (us) know how you get on.



Sachin.bhamra Thu, 12/04/2008 - 06:23

Don't worry you'll be fine. I felt the same way too when I opened the book for BSCI, the topics daunted me however my approach was to tackle each one at a time until I thoroughly understood it before moving onto the next chapter or topic.

The ISCW is actually easier than the BSCI, ok sure there is a lot of thick topics to understand but after 3 weeks of studying I feel I am 75% ready for the exam! They say the BSCI compromises 80% of the actual CCNP qualification.. no wonder its a bear of an exam!! Hope that doesn't put you off!!

Trust me, if I can do it.. ANYONE can do it..


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