JORGE RODRIGUEZ Thu, 12/04/2008 - 03:16
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To back up your PIX current license you actually need to look at the running activation key that can clearly be seen in at the end of the output of "show version".By simply saving this output you can also save the serial number of the pix as well as observe feature licenses that are currently enabled on the PIX.

The information you will see in show ver will be similar to this.

Serial Number: 123456789 (0x18450014)

Running Activation Key: 0x3d54e6c5 0x24a6a878 0xb7e47d80 0x22d8e7e2

If you do automatic config backup of PIX using 3rd party backup software like kiwi CaTtools this information is also saved in a backup server.

In addition have a look at this link to help understanding PIX license structure.

Whatever license your PIX have activated is embeded in the running activation key.




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