When phone rings launch application in PC

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Dear all,

I wonder if it is possible to develope any kind of application for PC and/or SCCP phones to enable that an application is launched in a PC, which is connected to a phone, everytime it rings and/or answers a call.

I know that this can be easily be done with the IPCCX Agent. But I want to get it done only with CCM and SCCP phones, without IPCCX services.

I would be very grateful if any of you could let me know about your knowledge in this matter.

Thanks in advance.


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There is multiple way to do this but the "simplest" should be :

Developp a CTI Application (with Tapi or Jtapi) which monitor the phone (create observer on the terminal and line) and wait for event on it.

Install your software on th pc and launch action when the event ringing is discover

Best regard

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msabir Fri, 12/05/2008 - 05:56
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You will need to use JTAPI as stated above to monitor phone calls. We developed an application that looks for caller ID on an incoming call and displays information about the caller on PC and phone screen after a lookup from Siebel CRM.

msabir Fri, 12/05/2008 - 06:20
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Well, there are various ways to do this. One way is to install the application on the PC connected to that phone. Another one is to install it on a server which monitors events for all concerned phones. Via JTAPI you can monitor any phone (not just the one connected to the PC)

a.kislas Fri, 12/05/2008 - 06:32
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If you install this application on server, it will be difficult to launch another application on user's PC.

If you install this JTAPI application on that exact PC, it doesn't have to be connected to the phone's ethernet switch. You just tell your JTAPI software what exact phone from your system you want to monitor.

If you need help in developing such application just ask, we can help you.


msabir Fri, 12/05/2008 - 06:46
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There are some trade offs to consider. In centralized system, you have these advantages:

1. Update JTAPI only on one box.

2. All logging is done centralized.

3. Easier to troubleshoot and maintain.


You need a very small footprint app installed on each PC. The only job of this app is to register itself with central server and receive events which triggers screen pop or some action. When the app registers, it can "tell" the central server that it only needs events about this specific phone.

So it is a bit complicated solution but more of an enterprise-level than the first simplar approach.

We did the first approach for prototype and used the 2nd one for actual deployment.

Dear all,

Thank you very much for your proactive answer. All of them are very helpful.

As I am starting with the matter maybe the best approach is yours: first local tests, second centralized deployment.

Could you, please, provide me with some links that could help me to develope this application?

Best regards,

Amaia Lesta

Sascha Monteiro Fri, 12/05/2008 - 11:02
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you could capture cdp packets from the phone that go to the pc, then you can i.e. use super provider CTI to monitor that phone


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