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Dec 5th, 2008
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Help me please to solve the problem.

I had installed Management Center for Cisco Security Agent v.6.0. However I can't generate Agent kit.

The status of all Agent kit is "Needs rule generation". I try to generate rules but there is an error - Failed to prepare rules: Cmd_BulkInsert failed.

When installing MCCSA there is such an error in logs (CSAMC60-Install.log):

[10-14-2008 14:42:41]: Setup is generating rule programs

[10-14-2008 14:42:41]: C:\Program Files\Cisco\CSAMC\CSAMC60\bin\webmgr.exe


[10-14-2008 14:42:43]: --50-- Start Process Log ==> webmgr.exe

[10-14-2008 14:42:43]: Error preparing rules/vars: Cmd_BulkInsert failed.

[10-14-2008 14:42:43]: --50-- End Process Log ==> webmgr.exe

[10-14-2008 14:42:43]: WARNING: Command failed. Returned error code is 1

[10-14-2008 14:42:43]: Unable to generate rule programs.

[10-14-2008 14:42:43]: Due to the failure, the agent kit will not be

installed on the machine.

[10-14-2008 14:42:43]: Reboot the machine after the installation and login

to the MC.

[10-14-2008 14:42:43]: Click on 'Generate Rules' and then install the

Management Center Agent kit.

In logs (csamclog.txt) MCCSA the error is as follows:

1: csa: Oct 17 2008 14:21:49.128 +0400: %CSA-6-TRACE:

%[Component=WebMgr][PID=4976]: Call to function bcp_exec failed and returned


2: csa: Oct 17 2008 14:21:49.128 +0400: %CSA-6-TRACE:

%[Component=WebMgr][PID=4976]: BulkCopy failed on file C:\Program


3: csa: Oct 17 2008 14:21:49.138 +0400: %CSA-6-TRACE:

%[Component=WebMgr][PID=4976]: Failed to prepare rules: Cmd_BulkInsert


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tsteger1 Fri, 12/05/2008 - 12:14
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When was the last time you generated rules? It looks like Oct 17th and there may be too many. If the number of database items exceeds the complexity threshold (7500, I think), rule generation will fail.

You may need to go in an delete some items before it will generate successfully.

Also check that the file it is trying to generate from is still present.


alekseyzepanov Sun, 12/07/2008 - 21:35
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Don't pay attention to the date. It's only a fragment from the log. The point is that during the installation of MCCSA there was already a message about the mistake of rule generation (see log CSAMC60-Install.log). After installation in MCCSA the state of rules in the state line is as follows: 1044 rule changes pending. When I try to generate them there is a message about a mistake - Failed to prepare rules: Cmd_BulkInsert failed.

tsteger1 Sun, 12/07/2008 - 23:22
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If you go to the search page and search for 'All' items, how many do you find?

tsteger1 Mon, 12/08/2008 - 11:22
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Then that doesn't sound like the problem. Since there was already an error prior to the upgrade, you may have to start over.

You might open a TAC case and see what Cisco recommends.


diicalutu Thu, 12/11/2008 - 08:46
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I've run into this a while back, BULK INSERT operations failing with no apparent reason.

Reapplying the latest SQL Server service pack and/or the latest MDAC (on the MC system) resolved the problem.

I would start with the MDAC refresh, it may be enough to fix this.

(MDAC = Microsoft Data Access Components, available at


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