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The obvious question - can you fetch that WAV file using a browser? Can the gateway ping that IP address?

The no_entry_error.wav file is played when a caller in a microapp (Get Digit, Menu) makes no entry within the timeout window and does so a number of times, equal to the retry setting in the configuration. I'm sure you know this.



Can you paste the URL into your browser and the WAV file plays with your browser plug-in?

Can you log into the router and ping the IP address of the media store?

Has anyone substituted a WAV file that is not recorded in CCITT uLaw?

What is common across the files that won't play?



every thing you mentioned is working fine but

when I enabled the content expiration feature, I got some memory errors on the VG stating that the memory pool is full, I want to know how much I should increase the memory pool and the IVR prompt memory in order to get it working ok these are the current statistics of the VG memory

Head Total(b) Used(b) Free(b) Lowest(b) Largest(b)

Processor 636CDB40 345187512 146768456 198419056 181657724 161743760

I/O 20000000 134217216 56003924 78213292 78213292 78211324

and these are the config on the VG

http client cache memory pool 15000

ivr prompt memory 16384

Max is

ivr prompt memory 16384 files 1000

so that's OK.

The max setting for the http client cache is 50000 (5,000 kbytes). If you have enough RAM to play with in the router, use the max setting. This will surely require a reload of the router, which will clear the cache and you will be starting from scratch.




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