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Dec 7th, 2008

I have a (1) POD CCNP lab setup that I recently started up for some practice labs. (2) of my 2501 routers seem to have some kind of issue but I'm having trouble isolating. Below are the errors I'm seeing. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Is it a bad flash, bad board, etc.? I'm thinking the whole board is bad but I want to make sure before I replace it.

%Error: System flash bank 1 chip 3 unknown, chip id 0xC0C (reversed = 0x3030)

%Error: System flash initialization failed

It then boots to this mode:


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royalblues Sun, 12/07/2008 - 09:39

Seems to be hardware problem definitely.

Flash coud be the problem as it is not able to initialize it. You can try replacing it if you have one though

Better to repalce the box


mmrozek Mon, 12/08/2008 - 13:00

Thanks Narayan.

I'm going to try taking a flash stick from one of the other routers to see if it works in there. I didn't want to try that before because I didn't know if the board would damage it.

CriscoSystems Mon, 12/08/2008 - 18:08

I had the same problem with the Flash SIMM on my 2522.

This was four or five years ago so my memory of it isn't very detailed, but it had to do with the Flash SIMM simply being installed backwards (chips facing down). I put on my anti-static wrist strap, removed the SIMM, twirled it around 180°, reinstalled it, and voilà, it worked.

My memory is rusty of whether all the chips were unknown, or just one chip, like you're seeing. I'd try twirling it 180° anyway.

Even if this works for you, you still might have to install a new IOS image into Flash.

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mmrozek Tue, 12/09/2008 - 05:44

Thanks CriscoSystems. I performed some tests last night and found I had one bad flash simm in each router. I added the (2) good ones to one of the routers and it works fine. Thanks for everyone's help!


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