AAA Session Context Error

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Dec 8th, 2008

Dear Experts,

We are using Cisco 7301 as our NAS for our DSL users and a third party software as Radius

We configured PoD radius server for our DSL . But it seems that radius can't remove the users from the NAS .

The following is the error

Dec 7 20:33:27.547: POD: Added Reply Message: No Matching Session

Dec 7 20:33:27.547: POD: Added NACK Error Cause: Session Context Not Found

The following is my config

aaa server radius dynamic-author

client <radius ip address>

server-key cisco

auth-type any

ignore session-key

ignore server-key

aaa pod server auth-type any server-key cisco



I have this problem too.
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wdrootz Fri, 12/12/2008 - 14:37

The work around, to avoid this failure, is "aaa session-id common" needs to be enabled.

Haris P Sun, 12/14/2008 - 00:28

My Issue is fixed now

The "aaa session-id common" command was enabled already . But my Issue was different

I got two interfaces from NAS going to two different switches and both were seeing as two different NAS by radius . So sometimes the radius request go from one interface and comes from another interface and it was conflicting the session .

As per Cisco , For a call to be disconnected, all parameters must match their expected values at the gateway. If the parameters do not match, the gateway discards the packet of disconnect packet and sends a NACK (negative acknowledgement message) to the agent



novanetinc Mon, 06/09/2014 - 07:26

Add below mentioned commands under aaa config of cisco router

ignore session-key

ignore server-key

post it freeradius will start disconnection active sessions on cisco NAS.

Freeradius config.NAS IP(

# echo "Acct-Session-Id=D91FE8E51802097" > packet.txt
# echo "User-Name=somebody" >> packet.txt
# echo "NAS-IP-Address=" >> packet.txt

# cat packet.txt | radclient -x disconnect ''secret''

Sending Disconnect-Request of id 214 to port 3799
      Acct-Session-Id = "D91FE8E51802097"
      User-Name = "somebody"
      NAS-IP-Address =
rad_recv: Disconnect-ACK packet from host port 3799, id=214, length=20



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