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Joe Clarke Mon, 12/08/2008 - 09:37
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Where are you seeing unreachable devices? What Discovery filters do you have defined?

Find a device which is showing in Campus Manager or in DCR, but is not found by Discovery. Make sure that the device falls in an allowed Discovery range. I should point out that seeing a higher Data Collection count is unusual. Typically, it's the Discovery count that is higher (as only reachable devices will be added to DCR). However, if your Discovery filters are not defined correctly, what you are seeing could happen.

HI Clark,

I see this Unreachable devices under CM report. Attached some of the snap shots of our LMS 3.0.

In DCR the counts are 400+. can you please chk the other atchmnts and guide me.

In addtion i have some CE 500 switches and ASA boxes which shows unreachable again. Do we need any spl configs for this.



Joe Clarke Tue, 12/09/2008 - 11:37
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All devices which are SNMP unreachable either have bad community strings configured in Discovery's SNMP Settings or in DCR. Check to make sure the community strings are properly configured, and test the devices with the SNMP Walk tool in Device Center. You should be able to use a starting OID of sysObjectID and get a response once you have the proper SNMP configuration on the devices and in LMS.

CE 500 devices are not supported by LMS, and ASA devices require you to allow the LMS server to poll them with SNMP. For example:

snmp-server host inside poll community public

Additionally, you did not provide a screenshot of your Discovery IP ranges. Make sure you check those, and that they are correct for the network you want to discover.


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