Telnet and access problem in router 2800 series router.

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Dec 9th, 2008

Pls help me

.we are using 2800 series router. we are unable to access this router through Hyper terminal(Consol port)and also through telnet. it's pinging proprly to ehternet is SSH enabled.Bcozof access-list we are unable to telnet this router.

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Ramprasad Pr Tue, 12/09/2008 - 04:42

use this command and pls tell me what is the result you got

First test

telent X.X.X.X

second test

telnet X.X.X.X 22



Joseph W. Doherty Tue, 12/09/2008 - 05:11

When you note there's no access via the console when connected, do you mean nothing appears after you press "enter" a couple of times or you're unable to log on?

The former could be incorrect RS232 settings, or perhaps security restriction based on configuration. Hyperterminal's default BAUD rate usually is different from Cisco console's default BAUD rate. If not already doing so, try Hyperterminal at 9600.

If the Cisco console port has been set to a non-default RS232 setting, you might find the correct settings trying all the combinations (which can be many if other settings besides BAUD were changed).

If the console access is blocked due to security configuration, often "password recovery" will regain access to the box, although at the risk of losing the current configuration. Also, I believe I recall the 2800 supports a secure configuration that negates "password recovery".

Telnet and SSH access both depend on configuration. The only(?) way to bypass them is via the console.


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