Configuring a 881 router

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Dec 9th, 2008

I have a cisco 881 router directly connected to a vsat modem router which gives out ip addresses dynamically.

My problem is that i cannot ping or access internet through FE4 which is the WAN connection.The problem is how do i allow traffic to pass and access internet.I know i cannot configure frame-relay because the router does not have serial intrefaces help!!!!

I have this problem too.
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Edison Ortiz Tue, 12/09/2008 - 07:23

Have you configured NAT on this router?

Can you ping the internet from the router itself?

Does the router obtain a public internet IP on its FE4 interface?

Can you post configs?



VelaphiMasoha Tue, 12/09/2008 - 23:04

Thank you for response,

Yes i have configured NAT on the router.

I cannot ping internet from the router itself.

The router picks up IP add through DHCP on its fE4 interface.

I have attached my config file

VelaphiMasoha Tue, 12/09/2008 - 23:50

I can ping the internet from the router. Just to clrify from my previous report

Edison Ortiz Wed, 12/10/2008 - 07:22

Your NAT config looks fine.

Can you drop some of the security features under Vlan 1 and see if the connection works?

zone-member security out-zone for instance.

Also, I don't see the corresponding ACL for this

ip access-group 189 in

ip access-group 189 out

In the external interface (F4), you have:

ip access-group Outside in

This ACL has no deny and a permit ip any any at the end - what's the point for this access-group?

ip access-group Inside out

Corresponding ACL is missing. Remove this access-group from the interface.

Also, try pinging the internet from the host by using IP instead of DNS and see if it works.




VelaphiMasoha Thu, 12/11/2008 - 06:52

i have disabled the access-list on Vlan 1.

I am failing to disable access-list on the FE4

when i type

no ip access-group inside out-

i get a error message that- Access-group outside is not configured.

That is on both access-lists.

I can ping the server using the ip from a host machine but cannot ping the net still i guess because of the access-list on FE4.

i am and i am studying my CCNA its fun.

I waiting for you reply.


Edison Ortiz Thu, 12/11/2008 - 07:01

What server are you pinging? If so, you are connecting to the internet just fine. The problem may be DNS related. What DNS is configured in the workstation?



VelaphiMasoha Thu, 12/11/2008 - 07:08

I am ping the vsat modem which i cannot reach.

But the FE4 i can reach.

The DNS that i am using is the ISP DNS add that they provided.

Do you think the access-list that i did not disable are blocking me

Edison Ortiz Thu, 12/11/2008 - 07:12

Can you ping from the workstation? (Yes|No)

What's the default gateway set on the workstation?

As for the ACL, try create a dummy ACL in the router with the same name and remove the access-group, then remove the ACL. I never seen that error before, you should be able to remove the access-group without a corresponding ACL being configured.



VelaphiMasoha Thu, 12/11/2008 - 07:17

NO i cannot ping the from the workstation.

The default gateway is my VLAN IP Address.


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