VWIC 2-Port T1/E1 card in 3825

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Dec 9th, 2008
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I have a CESoPSN terminated on a T1 port 0/2/1, See below for configuration.

controller T1 0/2/1

linecode b8zs

cablelength long 0db

cem-group 0 timeslots 1-24

interface CEM0/2/1

no ip address

cem 0

xconnect 100 encapsulation mpls

SYS22-Cis#show xconnect all

Legend: XC ST=Xconnect State, S1=Segment1 State, S2=Segment2 State

UP=Up, DN=Down, AD=Admin Down, IA=Inactive, NH=No Hardware

XC ST Segment 1 S1 Segment 2 S2


UP ac CE0/2/1(CESoPSN Basic) UP mpls UP

For testing purposes, I wanted to put a loopback cable in the T1 port, so that traffic is looped back over MPLS to the source. However, when I create the loopback cable as shown below, the port does not go green? The document for the VWIC 2T1/E1 card, specifies that the port must use RJ-48C.

Below is my loopback cable. Is this correct?


PIN1: RX Ring <-------\

PIN2: RX Tip <*******|***

PIN3: Reserved | *

PIN4: TX Ring >-------/ *

PIN5: TX Tip >***********

PIN6: Reserved

PIN7: shield

PIN8: Shield

Also, the port is showing that it is UP, with no cable in it. How is this possible?

SYS22-Cis#show interfaces CE0/2/0 description

Interface Status Protocol Description

CE0/2/0 down down

SYS22-Cis#show interfaces CE0/2/1 description

Interface Status Protocol Description

CE0/2/1 up up

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