Custom Java Class in CRS 3.5(4)

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General questions:

My class uses a third party driver (jar files) and I have already modified the CRS server classpath and it works. I can run the class from the command line in the CRS server, do I leave it where it is since I know the server can find the driver? or does it need to be in a particular location?

The admin Guide says that I need to reference it in the customengine.xml file, is this correct?

Can somebody post a sample of this modified file?

Do my custom class have to have any particular minimum requirements such as arguments, constructors, etc.?

In the scripts:

How do I call it from a script?

Do I have to use a variable?

I've read the programming guide and the steps refernece guide and they're not very helpful.

thank you

I have this problem too.
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